Help us tell the story of Scotland’s food and drink.

About Us

The story of Scotland’s food and drink is the story of Scotland itself.


Food Heritage Scotland is a study being carried out by Lorna Young and Dr Val Bold to explore the importance of heritage in helping to unlock Scotland’s food tourism potential. 2022 has been designated as the Year of Scotland’s Stories, and we would like to see stories about Scotland’s wealth of food and drink feature strongly within those national celebrations.

The story of our food and drink is the story of Scotland itself – the story of our people, our landscape, our communities and our history. We are inviting the people of Scotland to share their personal, local and professional food and drink stories. We are hoping that the information shared in this national survey will help inform the development of the food tourism industry in Scotland, and we are hoping that some of the contributed photos and text will be used in future marketing activity.


The study is supported by the Connect Local Regional Food Fund, which is financed by The Scottish Government, in partnership with industry, and has been created to promote local food and drink, in line with Ambition 2030.

Read our launch press release here.


This survey invites you to upload images and share anecdotes about Scottish food and drink.

You are welcome to complete this survey anonymously but, if you are comfortable doing so, we invite you to share your name and your email address. We are hoping to select some contributions for publication in our report, so would welcome the opportunity to connect with contributors individually.

If you have any questions about this survey you can contact us directly on info@foodheritagescotland.com